Dug the Dog Blog

 Hi friends my name is Dug the dog and I live in South Wales on a farm looking out over the Brecon Beacons called Bwlchtrebanau which means gap through the hills. Its a gorgeous place to live and with outstanding views towards the Brecon Beacons. I am so lucky to be able to live here, well that's what my master keeps telling me in order to make me work harder. I am a lovely dog however my master calls me a Simpleton as he says I have no brains.

I am in charge of the welcome committee,and security, I have to get up in the morning run out and patrol the grounds, woof at everybody who comes to the Estate especially the postman, sometimes I get so carried away with my duties and bark at the master which results in me being told I am a Dork whatever that means. Dogs are allowed in all the very posh cottages which is nice as I would not go on holiday without my master however it is a strict policy that all people that accompany dogs have to be house trained and they must pay whereas dogs can come cheaper than going to a kennel. I have never been to one of these kennel places and I never ever want to go to one as I would rather be with my grumpy old master.

I like most of the dogs that come here but some are a bit strange as they don’t do dog stuff like me, for instance, I sit outside all day even if it's raining. We also have one of them cat things on the farm but you very rarely see it, Spot my buddy likes to chase it and so I copy Spot but I don’t really know why we do, as it has nasty claws, if I did get near to it I would only run away but at least it gives us something to do. There is some photos of me below but if you click on the photo of me driving the excavator you will see my Dug the Dog blog.     This where I live link or the Street view from the top of the drive showing the view out over the Brecons so you can see I am not lying.


This is Spot he is the funny looking one while I am the handsome one, He thinks he is top dog, he is smaller and can’t run as fast but he can be damn quick when it comes to biting me I just surrender and roll over. He is spoilt and the missus’s always protects him, he won’t go anywhere without her unless to play dog balls. I am a lovely dog, very kind and obedient, I very rarely roll in anything that I should not and I have what the Master calls a repeater bark but most times he tells me to shut up. 
The Master is called Bob and he is a grumpy, old curmudgeon, he has built all the lovely holiday cottages here on the Estate and the missus makes sure they are always lovely, clean and fresh. I like the missus but I think she should like me as much as that Spot dog, the master as I said before is very strict but I love him as he is my master.  
Below is a photo of me with my funny face on.